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who we are

The BCW Collective is a network of women of color married to and/or dating the Coaches of color in the sports industry. We exist to serve and connect via the establishment of an authentic and intentional community no matter where sports takes us.


  • Wives

  • Mothers

  • Business Women

  • Creatives

  • Home Managers

  • and so much more


As WAGS of color and partners of coaches of color, our experience is more than unique. There are some things that everyone just may not understand and we felt a need to create a space just for us. A space where we can relate beyond the surface of the game that initially brings us together, and do life together without reservation. A space where support penetrates our hearts, souls, and life can be done together. So, our support is not dependent on which team you are on for a season, but the foundation of friendships that last a lifetime. It is our mission to provide resources and a safe community for women alike to not only survive, but thrive.


lia gant



crafting lasting pathways of community, support and sisterhood.

As a Mom that has had to navigate 6 + moves in 4 years due to the Collegiate Coaching Career her husband has, and 5 moves prior for her own career, she is a professional mover and recruiter.


Being married to a coach is full of life’s unexpectancies, Lia has relied on sisterhood and bonds to navigate such a challenging world. While also providing encouragement to those experiencing similar trials. 

Dedicated to the game, Lia helps women find balance in their personal lives and the lives we are married into, sports. Lia has created an unmatched resource for Wives, Fiancee’s and Girlfriends of coaches to bond. Her goal is to also provide opportunities for significant others to earn income for their household that is not dependent on where the coaching road may lead. Lia aims to inspire timeless and guilt-free self care, maintaining one’s identity while sharing in her husband’s light.

Lia is founder and CEO of Prim Heiress Events, LLC, The Black Coaches Wives, LLC , Co-Founder of Game On Concierge, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Lia is also a Michigan State University graduate, holding a Bachelor of Science from the School of Packaging Engineering.

We are so happy to have you and would love to connect with you. 

if you’re new here, welcome!

 Let us know who you are, and don’t miss out on all the amazing things that we have for our community.

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